"Confidence is well and truly back" in South Australian market

Article via www.therealestateconversation.com.au

"The June quarter has been nothing short of spectacular," REISA President Mr Alex Ouwens told WILLIAMS MEDIA, and the figures speak for themselves.

Figures for the June 2018 quarter reveal significant growth in median prices over the last 12 months, a "fantastic increase in sales since the last quarter, and a surefire sign that confidence is well and truly back in the real estate market," said Mr Ouwens.

The median price remained stable at the record-breaking median posted last quarter, while capital growth registered an impressive 3.87 per cent increase over the last year across metropolitan Adelaide.

“It is fantastic news that this quarter matched the record-breaking median posted last quarter and shows no signs of going anywhere but upward. When we hear that the eastern states have come off the boil and into cool water, Adelaide is defying the trend," Mr Ouwens said.

"We are by far the most affordable and liveable city in Australia and these results clearly attest to that. Now is a great time for first home buyers and investors to enter the real estate market and the results clearly show that they are on board. Business sentiment is at its highest in many years too," Mr Ouwens continued.

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Sharon Taylor
Senior Research Analyst - Performance Property Advisory

Sharon heads up the research division at Performance Property Advisory. As part of our ongoing service to clients, Sharon provides contemporary advice in a range of areas, including growth suburbs and regions, demographics and employment rates, proposed infrastructure developments and other aspects that will contribute to a positive return on their investment.