Brisbane Edition 15
Brisbane Edition 15
Brisbane Edition 15
Brisbane Edition 15
Brisbane Edition 15

Brisbane Edition 15

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What's included in the report?

Key Indicators

  • The Economy
  • Affordability
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Investment Value

Our 5 key indicators are made up of an additional set of criteria, with historical data trends and our supporting opinion on the assessment of the current market condition of each criteria.

Reports are updated between 2 and 3 times per year, as new meaningful datasets become available to analyse.

Brisbane Property Report

What's in store for Brisbane property?

The Economy: We look at the critical local factors such as the local Budget and $ spend per capita, business investment, state housing finance and mortgage arrears.

Affordability: We look at the current Brisbane Affordability Index (AI) and track the first home buyer activity which is a good indicator of value.

Demand: Population growth in Brisbane is tracking close to the national average, and we look at the type of population which is growing the fastest. Net migration is a good indicator of demand for housing, whether that be people renting or buying - they need accomodation.

Supply: Housing stock for sale along with dwelling approvals can indicate a pipeline of oversupply when measured against population growth. They key to finding which is which, is the vacancy rate, days on market and stock on market trend.

Investment Value: The critical component of determining investment value, is looking at the rental yields. When median prices outperform rental growth, you'll find an unbalanced market and diminishing value.

Brisbane property report